We have been with you since 2011

Design and implementation services in telecommunication and electric industry, technical consulting

The company has modern equipment and materials for both the execution of works and design


We offer a wide range of services

  • Comprehensive support services for telecommunications and energy investments

  • Design of telecommunications and energy networks

  • Construction and operation of telecommunication networks

  • Measurement of fibre optic cables and lines

  • Building services

  • Geodetic services

  • Legal advice in geodesy

  • Legal advice in telecommunication

We earned recognition for our work

The implementation works are being executed according to our customers requirements, ensuring the highest quality and professionalism of implementation works within the agreed deadline.

We have many customers from different industries

We provide services to the companies in building, telecommunication and energy sector.

  • PRT Rzeszów

    PRT Rzeszów

  • Optronik Lublin

    Optronik Lublin

  • ApMedia Jasło

    ApMedia Jasło

  • Navitel Mielec

    Navitel Mielec

Design and consulting

  • Fibre optic networks

  • Local networks

  • ICT networks

  • Energy networks

  • Telecommunication, transmission and power devices

The works are being executed according to the newest technology requirements in the telecommunication and energy industry. The company employs professionals that have all necessary permissions and qualifications required in telecommunication and energy area.

We have the specialized equipment to execute all groundworks, implementations and measurement of cables.

Installation, renovation, measurement

Execution of ICT works

  • Construction of telecommunication sewers

  • Construction of copper and fibre optic networks

  • Installation and measurements of fibre optic cables

  • Installation and activation of subscribers radio access terminals

  • Construction of LAN/WAN network

  • Construction of cable and industrial television networks

  • Execution of directional drilling

  • Renovation and maintenance of telephone cable networks and telecommunication devices

  • Electrical measurement of subscribers lines and telecommunications cables

Construction, drilling, measurement

Execution of electric works

  • Construction of energy networks

  • Construction of overhead and cables lines

  • Construction of roads and bridges lighting

  • Construction of power terminals

  • Execution of electrical installations

  • Installation of electrical equipment

  • Renovation and maintenance of cable networks and electrical equipment

  • Electrical measurement of lines and energy cables

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